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'cause of aggressive requests by some of you - venom papercut for sale now? :) hmmm…

what up all!? ok i’ve been getting cussed at a lot recently because my venom papercut has yet to be for sale on the interwebs. NOW SILENCE U!
"The time has come??" you ask (or not ask, I dont care). "Well, me thinks it has! ggrrrrrrr!!" I say!
"Really?? ur not pullin my ass?" you inquire with maximum class (or not, I dont care). "yes truly! and no I’m not pullin ur ass" I say with maximum class. 

ok i’ll shush!! ssshhhhhhhhh!!! HERE ya go (8x11 and 10x14 versions):
they’re on my ETSY HERE
OR if you would rather not go to etsy (since you have to sign up for it) u can go to my online store at storenevy (no signup) where u can “guest” checkout :) -  HERE! :-D

aaaaaand here is the original tumblr post of it (in case you cared)

KTHXBYE! :D Will <(^@^)> oink!